Will a Lawn Mower Fit in a Car

Yes and No? Yes because some lawn mower is small enough to fit inside a car and No because of course, the big ones won’t fit especially those commercial ones.

Small lawn mowers like the hand push type and residential rotary mowers have a foldable handle which makes them easy to fit in a car compartment.

Cylinder mowers which is engine driven are the ones that cannot be fitted in a car compartment and needed a bigger transport option which a Ute or small trailer can do.

Why you want your mower to fit in a Car

The most reasons that you fit your lawn mower in your car is when bought one and your about to bring it home, well please don’t force it to fit if you know to your self that it won’t, you can always ask the store to deliver it for you or come back and bring something big like a Ute.

Here’s why you must not force it to fit if it won’t fit, If you made it fit your next problem is getting it out usually if it’s hard to get in it will be hard also to get out and sometimes you might end up damaging your precious mower.

When is necessary to use a Ute or Trailer for Lawn Mower transport

If your a Lawn or Turf maintenance contractor will you will always need your machines to be with you at all times and we’re talking about set of machines including your lawn mower, lawn edger, leaf blower, and grass cutter so you will definitely need a Ute or Trailer if your a contractor or your using your Lawnmower on a day to day basis as I said on a business like contracting.

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