Why Cylinder mower blade break

A couple of months ago I bought a second-hand cylinder mower. I was impressed and was able to use it twice. Last week when I was doing a check on the lawnmower I noticed a crack on one of the blades, and I was completely pissed off when I started it and notice a banging noise from the blade.

At first, I was thinking how did this happen? Why the blade of my mower is broken and then I realize ” oh I remember the last time I was mowing at the back of my house I was about to finish and I rushingly push the lawnmower back in the shed when I heard a bang sound under the mower”.

I thought it was nothing so ignored it. That could probably be a rock that hit the blade of my lawnmower because the blade is still spinning at that time. Fuck me.

How to fix a Broken Cylinder Mower Blade

Now I couldn’t use my lawnmower because every time I started it and engage the blade it just start banging on the bottom blade.

I’ve done a few research on how I can fix the blade of my lawnmower, I actually try to fix it. I weld it back but still, it doesn’t work.

Based on what I research ” The blades of the cylinder mower should be properly balanced and properly adjusted ” and that’s honestly I don’t know. So instead of wasting my time trying to fix it, I send it to a lawnmower repair shop.

I went to the repair shop and I told them that I’m gonna wait for the lawn mower because I need it. They charge me a few extra because they had to priopitise my lawn mower, get it ahead of there other booked jobs.

I watched them do there thing from a distant. They measure the original cutting height and they remove the blade of my law mower.

I asked the guy working on it on how is he gonna fix it, He said he’s gonna get the boiler maker to fix it and then he’s gonna regrind and balance it. By the way, a Boilermaker here in Australia is basically a person who can weld, A welder.

I can weld a little bit but still I cannot balance and grind my lawn mower blade so if you have the same problem I suggest bring it to the nearest repair shop in your town. Don’t waste your time trying to fix it on your own, You might just wasting time. Not unless you have the tools and your train or experience to do it.

How Much to Fix a Broken Cylinder Mower Blade

It cost me 180AUD plus an extra 20AUD for skipping the line because obviously you need to book the job, drop the mower to them and comeback when it’s done, But I insist that I want it in the same day. Lucky for me the boss is an old mate.

Every repair shops has their own pricing when it comes to this kind of job. I suggest don’t look for the cheapest one but look for who is more experience and has a good reputation.

I think repair of broken cylinder mower blade ranges from 80 to 160AUD here in Australia, Price is different in different part of the world. The thing is if you bought a Cylinder mower especially engine driven, You are investing into it so if it needs a repair you should be willing to spend a couple of dollars into it.

I’m a small-time Contractor and I need my Lawnmower always ready for a job. Here’s a couple of tips on how to make your lawn mower last longer.

  • Service your lawn mower regularly
  • Always check everything before and after using
  • Don’t leave your lawn mower in the rain
  • Don’t let shit pilled up in your lawn mower, especially sticking grass.
  • Always use clean fuel
  • If you noticed something unusual get into it, find it out and fix it.
  • Avoid other people to use your lawn mower, not even your friend.

Hopefully you learned something from my story

Thank you

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