Why cheap lawn edger doesn’t last

When it comes to buying a lawn edger there so many brands and varieties out there that you can choose, but are really worth what you paid for.

We usually buy a lawn edger depending on what’s on the shelf or what on sale, indeed they work well they cut good and you’re impressed, well of course because it’s new, but when it comes to the life span of the machine, how long do they last? did the edger still work the same after a year, I bet you mostly not?

Mow Master R12 Residential Edger

Most Lawn edger out there are made affordable or inexpensive and they are really made this way, A disposable machine is what I called of them.

These Lawn edgers are usually powered by a non-brand motor or mostly an imitation and the main body are made of cheap materials, if not aluminum it’s thin mild steel frames and body which is totally worthless.

This kind of lawn edger’s only last for a few months and doesn’t even work well on a commercial application. But there is one brand of lawn edger that stands out on both Residential and Commercial application.

The Toughest Lawn Edger

The Lawn Edger made by Mow Master Turf Equipment in Australia is so far the toughest Lawn edger out there that you can find.

Mow Master Lawn edgers are powered by a Honda 4 stroke petrol engine on there commercial ones and Briggs and Stratton on there Residential edger’s.

Mow Master E12 Commercial Lawn Edger

You can also choose from a Clutch driven or non-Clutch driven Lawn Edger, The main cutting head is consist of high-grade steel and a twin ball bearings where a shaft spins to drive the 12″ 5mm blade.

Even the mainframe itself is made tougher with an 8mm hard steel metal, and the height of the blade can be adjusted on 8 different positions.

Mow master Lawn Edger’s as we know can only be purchased directly from the company so if anyone interested they need to be contacted through email through there website.

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