What type of Petrol is best for a lawnmower

Until today there is still a misconception on what is the best Fuel for a Petrol engine, The truth is, It doesn’t matter what Petrol you use in your engine.

All petrol type need to follow certain regulations and standards so pretty much all types of Petrol available today has gone through multiple stages of purification and they all contain elements or minerals to protect our engine. This also applies to our Lawnmower engines.

Honda GX120 Petrol Engine

A normal Unleaded Petrol is good enough regardless if you have a 4 stroke or 2 stroke engine. A special or Premium Fuel does the same in our engine as a Normal Unleaded, It’s just a marketing strategy that big companies used to make more money.

Is it OK to store Petrol For a Long Term?

If the current price of Petrol dropped we all being tempted to buy more than what we actually need, Some people will buy an extra 20 to 40 litres and hide it in the shed. The problem is. It is not advisably to store Petrol fuel for a long period, You need to at least use your Petrol within a month.

If you stored Petrol fuel for a long term, Let’s say more than 6 months, This chemical property of this Fuel will start to degrade, Although you can still use it, the protection it provides on the engine is already gone.

You probably noticed that when you don’t use your lawnmower for a long time it started to smell bad and it becomes hard to start.

The fuel slowly reacts to metals and create oxidation which in turn creates a stinking smell, Loses its volatility and making the engine impossible to start.

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