what if your lawnmower won’t start

You have a lawnmower in your garage and you’re about to use it, but then, shit! It won’t start, well if that happens to you here are some quick checks you can do to figure out why it wont start.

  • Check the ON/OFF switch
  • Check for Fuel
  • Check the Engine oil
  • Check for spark
  • Check for Compression
  • Check for Seized engine
Honda GX120 Petrol Engine
Check the ON/OFF switch

First thing first, make sure that you turn ON the lawnmower switch before attempting to start it. If the switch is ON then you attempt to start it but nothing happens, well sometimes you can have a bad switch.

Most Lawnmowers uses a common type of switch an ON/OFF switch or a Push button Normally closed switch.

The ON/OFF switch is most common on Honda and Briggs and Stratton engine while the button type if for Robin engines and some older models on Honda small engine.

The main function of this switch is to give you an earth or ground so if you feel that you have a bad switch just change it or remove it then get the wire connected into it and touch it to the body of the engine then it should start once you pull the rope.

Check for Fuel

First things first, check if you have fuel. Most of the time you do have but if it’s been sitting for a while chances are the petrol is spoiled. Fuel indeed get spoiled especially Gasoline, If you noticed a stinky smell once you open the fuel cap that’s the indication.

We are not an expert but this is what we know based on our experience, The Petrol or Gasoline loses its volatility and chemical property overtime.

Check the Engine oil

Most Lawnmower engines nowadays are equipped with an Oil pressure switch, What it does is once you crank the engine or attempt to start it the oil inside the engine creates a pressure that triggers the pressure switch to turn ON making an entire closed circuit which is needed to start and keep the engine running.

MEY Cylinder Lawn Mower
Check for Spark

Most lawnmowers runs in Petrol engines and this type of engine requires a source of ignition to burn or ignite the fuel. A spark plug is the one responsible for creating this spark.

If your Spark plug is not producing spark chances are it’s busted, and you need to change it. Keep in mind that a low oil level can also be the cause of not having a spark so you need to make sure that you have enough oil first.

If after changing the spark plug and checking for enough oil level and still you can’t get a spark, The worst can happen is, you have a Busted ignition coil and you need to replace it.

Check for Compression

If your lawnmower has a Recoil starting system this one will be easy for you to notice. Every time you pulled the rope and the recoil starter you should felt tension or pressure, that is normal, this pressure is essential for creating engine combustion.

If you didn’t felt any tension or pressure then you might have a loss compression problem, A loss compression engine has so many possible causes.

Check for Seized engine

A Seized engine is the worst can happen to your lawnmower, this can happen if your engine is running without oil or been stock for a long time and the inside gets rusted.

Even if you have an oil pressure switch to stop the engine once the oil level gets really low some people actually bypass this oil pressure switch, especially if they want to save some money.

Instead of changing the oil pressure switch they just join the wires in the pressure switch so it becomes a permanently closed circuit.

Hopefully this article help you

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