What is a Push behind Rotary Lawn Mower

What is a Rotary Mower

This type of mower is the most common and which most of us are actually own’s, it’s very user-friendly I can say, because once you start the mower your all good to go.

this type of lawn mower is very good in cutting tall grass and bushes.
Rotary Mower’s has 2 or 4 blades that spin horizontally to cut the grass.

I have never seen any rotary mower that is hand operated like the hand push cylinder type so I’m pretty sure all rotary mowers are engine driven.

How Rotary Mowers Work

Unlike the cylinder mower a rotary mower has a shreading effect while cutting, it tends to hit the grass multiple times even if the grass is already cut, the mulching or chopping action makes the rotary mower best for long grass, All rotary mowers have a bag or catcher fitted behind the machine so you will leave no mess behind while mowing but there are also some other brand who have a side discharge deck which is I don’t really like for a push-type rotary mower

There are different types of rotary mowers out there depending on where you’re going to use the mower and of course the budget.

First is the hand push type rotary mower which is the most basic of all rotary mower, the way it works is simply a set of blades is connected to the engine by means of a shaft, the blade spins at engine speed and so as long as the engine is running the blade keeps on spinning.

A blade that spins together with the engine looks unsafe and not fuel efficient, That’s why lawn mower manufacturers decided to create different variations of hand push rotary mower so instead of the normal spinning blades that runs all the time with the engine they decide to put an engage and disengage device to disconnect the blade from the engine, this will allow you to have a separate control of the blades, you will only engage the blades when your ready to cut.

But that’s not all, there are also self-propelled push-type rotary mowers. this type of rotary mower has a rear axle that’s been connected by a shaft or belt and has a separate clutching system that’s been controlled by a hand lever.

Top 10 Best Rotary Mowers BrandsThere are so many Rotary mower brands available in the market today no matter where you came from I’m sure there’s a store near you or you can also shop online these type of lawn mowers are also available in Amazon and eBay and you can also read reviews there. The most popular brand of rotary mower today is the Honda brand especially the HRU Buffalo model. Other good brands also include

Stihl, Victa, Masport, Toro, Hasqvarna ,Ryobi, Makita, Bosch and Black & Decker

There are more brands out there but these 10 are my favorite when choosing rotary mower’s.

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