What is a Lawn Edger/What is the best Lawn Edger Brand

What is a Lawn Edger

A lawn Edger is a common machine that some people use to trim the edges of there garden or road gutters to form a boundary between the grass surface and the sand or pavement surface giving it a unique clean finish. A lawn edger is basically much smaller than a Lawn Mower and chances are if a person own’s a lawn mower majority of them also own’s a lawn edger.Lawn edger can either motorize or manual just like  a lawn mower and it comes in different design depending on the brand.

Mow Master Commercial type Lawn Edger
Mow master Law Edger

 How to Start A Lawn Edger

 Starting a Lawn Edger is pretty much easy there are only a few steps that you need to keep in mind before using a lawn edger and it’s pretty much easy to do.

I have been building and servicing   Lawn edgers for more than 2 years, and still, of all those years I notice that there are still a lot of people out there who do not know how to use a lawn edger and even though they were using it for a while they’re still having problems.

So Starting a Lawn Edger is very easy!

the first thing that you need to do is check if there’s petrol in the fuel tank if there’s no petrol then buy a fresh one.

By the way, if you have a Lawn Edger and it’s been sitting for awhile chances are the petrol is already spoiled, yes that’s right petrol get spoiled if it sitting for a long time so if your edger was not been run for a long time you will then notice that your petrol has a stinky smell, that’s the indication that you need a new fresh petrol and give your carburetor a service.

There are different brands of lawn edger out there, so choosing the best brand is still up to you, for me the best  one is the MOW MASTER brand since I’m here in Australia, but then again there are so many good brands out there, it is simply ads YOU PAY WHAT YOU GET it means that if the machine is cheap it means that it’s not good it will not last long but if its a little expensive then you can expect it to be really good.

The best Lawn Edger Brand in the Market

 Lawn Edger’s comes in so many brands and there’s also a lot of company that manufacture lawn edger out there so its really hard to tell which one is the best one because all of this machines are well engineered so what I did is I do a research on the top lawn edger brands in the market today and also the brand that in my opinion is the best.

1. Mow Master

 This brand is one of the toughest brand of edger you can find in the market today, its becoming too popular in Australia specially in the western region where the company is based.

Mow master makes high quality lawn edgers that was design for extreme usage that why contractors love this brand.

With mow master brand has different range of edger design from residential to commercial application, from a direct drive to a clutch control type.

2. Honda

This Brand does not only make cars but also one of the biggest manufacturers of high-quality Lawn and Turf Equipment Machinery, from small engines to huge lawn mowers name it they have it.

Honda Versatool

Honda’s Versa Tool range is one of their best product, this is a one machine that does a lot of job, the cutting head can be replace with different attachment depending on your choice from becoming a Brush cutter, Hedge trimmer, Blower, Pruner and of course Edger

The Tiller Range FG110 is also one of their best its an Aerator, an Edger a  Digger all in one.


 Another one of the biggest manufacturers of small machines, this brand is one people’s choice because it already been proven to be a tough brand.

Stihl has a wide range selection of tools from manual operated, electrically powered to petrol engine driven and even battery operated machines they have it.

Stihl Lawn Edger

 When it comes to Lawn edger the Stihl Professional FC series is the best that stihl can offer if you need an edge for your business. Stihl also has a homeowner version the FCB-KM  specially design for homeowners like us.

4. Black + Decker

This brand is pretty much known for some of us hence this is one of the most affordable brands out there. Black+Decker 2 in 1 Landscape edger is the best that this brand can offer, you can choose from either corded or the cordless one.

Black and Decker Corded Lawn Edger

This machine can convert from an Edger to a Landscape trencher.

5. Husqvarna

This familiar brand offers a wide selection of power tools of almost any trade our there from electric to petrol you name it Husqvarna got it. Husqvarna Wheeled Edgers is one of there best edger, The LE475 offers a very precise cut and is powered by a Briggs& Stratton 5.5 torque power 4 Stroke engine.

Hasqvarna Lawn Edger

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