What is a Cylinder Mower/Reel Mower

A cylinder mower is a type of lawn mower that uses two different types of blade to cut the grass.  All cylinder mowers use a reel or cylinder and a bottom blade or knife blade. A reel or cylinder is a cylindrical cutting head compose of multiple razor-sharp blades and a bottom blade is a straight razor blade where the cylinder passes and creates a scissor-like cutting action.

22″ Cylinder Mower

The cylinder of a cylinder mower comes in different sizes usually ranges from 14″ to 36″ depending on what brand.

Cylinders also come in a different number of blades the most common is 6 blade cylinder but some other brands have 8, 10 and even 12  blades.

The bottom blade comes in two type a Low cut And a High Cut blade, the low cut blade is the one that you will use to achieve a low cut on the grass up to 5 mm to 10 mm and a high cut blade is used if you need a height from 10 mm 20 mm.

The Advantage and Dis-advantage of having a cylinder mower

Owing a Cylinder Mower always comes with a responsibility so it’s always better to know the advantages and dis-advantages of owing one so you will know what to expect, back then I didn’t know any of these luckily my first lawn mower is the hand push type cylinder mower which is not really expensive.

The Advantages

The first thing is a Cylinder Mower has the ability to create a clean professional cut on the grass, Unlike the rotary mower that the cutting action is like tearing the grass because the blades spins horizontally. The cylinder mower spins vertically making a scissor like cut on the grass that will give a clean cut.

A Cylinder Mower can craete Stripes on the lawn, Although some rotary mowers with a fitted back roller can also create stripes, the cylinder can give you a uniform and consistent green appearance from end to end of the roller, the secret here is again the blade, the reel and the bottom blade can be adjusted perfectly square at the same height from end to end, the thing that a rotary mower cannot do because the blades of a rotary mower is fitted fix .

Cylinder Mowers are strong, When it comes to power, The Cylinder Mower is the best choice of all push behind mowers because you can find a huge selection of brands that uses powerful engine.

13 Horse Power Honda engine is the biggest that I’ve seen that’s been fitted in a push behind Cylinder Mower, that cylinder mower is 36″ long made by Mow Master Turf Equipment which is again the biggest push behind cylinder mower that I’ve seen.

The Dis-advantages

A cylinder Mower is Expensive, but there’s an exception here the hand push cylinder mower which is the affordable one.

Most engine driven cylinder mowers are expensive not only the actual price but also the maintenance cost of a cylinder mower plus the spare parts.

Cylinder Mowers are Noisy, having a running a engine plus the sound of the rotating reel expect a cylinder mower to be really noisy you need to have some hearing protection.

A Cylinder Mower requires attention, one thing that everyone must know that a cylinder mower is expensive so you need to take care of it properly, you wanna treat your cylinder mower like your car, you dont wanna leave your mower in the rain or not washing the machine after using because that will be a cause of problems which will cost you money.

What powers a Cylinder Mower

A cylinder mower can be powered using a single cylinder engine, an electric motor that can either battery operated or a corded type, but the most common and affordable one is the hand push type. if your thinking of which of these three is the best choice well I cannot answer that because we all have different taste and needs and I’m not sure about your interest in cylinder mowers so if looking to buy one or just gathering information let me give you more of what I know of cylinder mowers.

An engine powered cylinder mower I think is the perfect mower if you’re looking for power, you can choose from 4 HP engine to 13 HP engine, whichever you choose you will never run out of power with this.

The only biggest disadvantage of using a engine powered cylinder mower is the maintenance, it will cause you money on periodic maintenance plus the cost of sharpening.

Another thing is the noise, a cylinder mower is much louder compare to the electric and hand push.

Lawn contractors love to use cylinder mowers because it provides so much power that they need to clear an entire field or a huge lawn property, and they don’t mind the service expenses because the mower is being used for business that gives them money.

An electric motor driven cylinder mower is a great choice if your looking for a quite and clean mower yet still do a job that an engine driven can do.

the maintenance cost of an electric mower is very low because you only need electricity to run the machine, and it’s obviously quite  than the engine driven.

The disadvantage of this one is sometime while your mowing you”ll just fell losing power because you runs out of juice and need to charge and that interrupts your job or if you have a corded mower you can only cut on a very limited area plus the hustle of dragging the cord and the risk of electric shock.

Lastly is the hand push type cylinder mower which the type of mower that I first own, very affordable and quite is my first impression on this type of mower.

On a small garden or if you only have a small front lawn this type of mower should do the job just fine, it can also be your way of exercising because to cut the grass you need to push the mower all over your lawn.

The disadvantage of this type is that because its being powered by your pushing action every time it hits a thick lawn or weed it tends to stop because those thick weeds caught up in between the blades so you need to push back and forth harder.

A hand push cylinder mower needs to be big and a little bit heavy to do the job fast without the weeds being strangled in the blades.

Who Uses Cylinder Mowers

As long as your your matured enough to know how to start and use a lawn mower then your good enough to use a Cylinder Mower.

lawn contractors are one of the most avid fan of cylinder mowers because they mostly do huge lawn areas such as parks, cemeteries, cricket pitch and tennis courts.

If your like me whose fuzzy in keeping the lawn appearance then a cylinder mower is the one for you, or if your just looking for a machine to trim and maintain a height of a small garden or lawn then the push type cylinder mower is the best one for you.

How a Cylinder Mower Different from a Rotary Mower

We all know that both cylinder mower and rotary mower cuts grass but the big difference of the cylinder mower are its ability to cut at a very low height up to 5 mm that’s why its perfect for cricket pitch and tennis court.

Cylinder mowers is also famous in creating a beautiful stripes in the lawn like what you see in football and cricket field.

The solid roller that drives the mower forward is the responsible of creating this stripes every time your mowing with a cylinder mower as you drive forward you cut the grass and as it passes the rear roller the grass is being pressed in the direction where your going so the grass leans on one direction and when you mow on back on the next section the grass will be press and lean on the opposite direction and that creates your stripe.

Number of Blades on the Reel

The number of blades in the reel of a cylinder mower has a huge effect in the finish of the lawn. Although any blades can cut grass the cylinder mower has the ability to cut smoothly and evenly.

Usually, you can identify if the cylinder mower is a low cut type or a high cut type by the number of reel blades. A cylinder mower that has a 10 or more number of blade in the reel is a low cut mower and the 6 blade to 10 blade are the normal high cut blades.

The bottom blade also has a low cut or flat blade and a high cut or lip blade classification, these blades is always march up to the type of cylinder being used which means a low cut blade matches a 10 to 12 bladed reel for a low cut cylinder mower, and a lip blade will match those 6 to 8 bladed reel.

Are Cylinder Mowers Hard to Maintain

Well not really, If you know now to properly maintain your own car so its always in good condition then maintaining a cylinder mower will be easy for you, And even if you don’t know anything before you buy a lawn mower learning the basic’s will only take you and hour or less.

The most effective way of maintaining a cylinder mower is always keeping it clean and giving it a proper care, every time you finish a job thoroughly clean your mower because you don’t want rush to build up in you mower.

Back in my job customers always bring in there cylinder mowers for a service and what I notice is some of them dont really care of cleaning there cylinder mower, grass has stuck in between the roller’s and the blades and these grass contains moisture that will be the ingredients in rust build up.

Rust can eat metal parts on a mower and the most common victim of rust in the cylinder mower is the side cover, and once the side cover starting to rust it will eventually create small holes that will allow water or grass to enter to the drive section which includes the sprockets, chains and some other parts  and of course it will damage those parts and it will cost you money.

Just keep your cylinder mower always clean, do your periodic servicing and have a check before and after using your lawn mower and your all good in well maintaining your cylinder mower.

Is a Cylinder Mower Expensive

Well for me it’s both yes and no, Yes if your someone looking for a cylinder mower for your business or if have a huge lawn and you are looking for a dependable mower to help you get the finish that you want then you will to go for the big one’s the engine driven cylinder mowers.

All engine-driven cylinder mowers are self-propelled so you can finish a job quickly but of course it will be completely expensive not just the actual price but the required maintenance cost to maintain it.

Another option that you can try to afford an engine driven cylinder mower is to try finance option, some cylinder mower manufacturers and local dealers offers financing so it will affordable for you, some of them give will give you a good deal especially if you’re a lawn contractor or planning to build a mowing business.

But if you only have a small lawn or garden area just looking to try a cylinder mower you can always start with the push type cylinder mower which really affordable and easy to maintain.

My first cylinder mower only cost me $20 because I bought it second and I still have it in my shed, you can try what I did start with a second hand one, and also there are brands that allowed trade-in’s all you need to do is give them a ring if it’s possible to trade your second hand mower.

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