Things to Know Before Starting a Lawn Mower

If you bought a lawnmower for your home but your not really sure how to use it, you don’t have enough knowledge about it, well it’s pretty damn simple it was just like getting your car running.

MEY Cylinder Mower

The first thing to do is check if the motor or engine has enough fuel if not then grab a fresh one and fill it up. Next is check if the oil is at the right level if not its better to top it up.

Another thing for your safety makes sure there are no levers or clutches that already engage before starting the motor. Next is turn the switch ON if it has one, put the choke in ON position for an easier start and then PULL the recoil starter.

If the motor is battery operated just put the CHOKE in ON the use the ignition switch to start.


If the Lawn Mower is pretty much still new it should run in a few cranks or pull while the choke lever is in ON position.If within 3 attempts and the motor still did not run turn the choke lever to OFF position to avoid carburetor flooding, then give it a start.

If the motor still won’t start, check if the spark plug CAP is seated in properly, also check if there’s any strip wire from the switch that might be in contact in body ground of the motor.

keep in mind that the level of oil plays a vital role in starting the Lawn Mower if the oil is not in the correct level the motor might not start because some new motors especially HONDA has an oil pressure switch in it.

The oil pressure switch is being controlled by the oil pressure so that means the lesser the oil level the lesser the oil pressure to push the switch diaphragm to turn it ON.


If after everything you’ve done the machine still won’t start the next thing to do is to service the carburetor, replace all the gaskets and seals check the article on how to service a Honda carburetor.If still won’t run after that the last thing you can do is to get a new carburetor and put it in, from there the machine should start and run.

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