things to consider Before Grinding Your Cylinder Mower blade

Before you start grinding you cylinder mower blades here are some important tips to make sure you grind the blades properly and don’t do some damage.

Check the Blades condition before removing

Before removing the cylinder and bottom blade of a cylinder mower it is best to check the condition of these blades first while it is still fitted. Move the cylinder up and down to fell the bearings if it has an up and down movement, check the contact surface of the reel and knife blade and most of all if you are cutting your grass on a specific height you might wanna check the height of the cutting blade to the ground, checking the height is very important especially if your working on someone’s else lawnmower.

Identify if it needs a new blade

Just like any other Lawn-mowers, your blade will not gonna last a lifetime every time you used it works out and eventually get dull and needs replacing, Identifying if the blade can still be a grind or needs a new one is important otherwise you’ll just waste time and money on a job you’ll not be happy.

If you notice that you are starting to run’s out of adjustment on your blade adjuster, Have a look at the reel or cylinder it’s definitely starting to worn out and will notice that the cutting edges are getting closer to the inside and the radius of the reel gets smaller. In these case, you might still be able to grind the cylinder as long as you can still get a good adjustment on the blades but be ready to save some money because eventually, you will buy a new reel.

In the case of the Bottom blade or knife blade, The often you used it the quicker it will be worn out and will need to be sharpened but, keep in mind that all knife blade or bottom blade has a grinding limit which tells you that you need to fit a new blade.

All knife blades can be purchased without the soleplate you just need to remove the old blade and fit a new one. It’s also advisable to replace the screw’s every time you replace the blade.

All blades are angled at the back 5 to 10 degree these ensuring that only the front edge of the knife blade will get contact to the cylinder and be able to make a scissor-like cutting action.

How to adjust cylinder mower blades

Cylinder mowers blades can be adjusted by lifting the Bottom blade or knife blade up and down on both ends, some cylinder mowers have the cylinder or reel adjustable instead of the bottom blade by means of an adjusting rod that has nuts for adjustment.

Blades need to be adjusted smoothly on both ends and must have no ticking noise, use a sheet of paper to check the blade sharpness while doing the checking make sure the blades are lubricated with some CRF or any penetrant.

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