Things to be Check when buying second-hand Lawn Mower

We all want to buy a Brand new Lawn Mower that suites our budget but we cannot deny that some of us want to save money and prepare to buy a second-hand machine, or sometime’s we find this used lawn mower in a garage sale which is very affordable and we are tempted to get our hands on that machine.

Mow Master 24″ Cylinder Mower

Well some of us got lucky and some us have pissed off realizing that we just bought a piece of junk.

That’s why I create a list of things that everyone to look up to when buying a second-hand mower.

1. Make sure that the engine is not SEIZE

Pull the recoil rope if it runs using a recoil starter or insists of getting the motor crank a few time’s to make sure that the piston is FREE and not seize or there are no problems in the moving parts. If the person is not able to show you that the engine is cranking or still turning then you only have a 50/50 chance on that.

This is the most important thing that you must check first when deciding to buy a second-hand lawnmower because if you did not check this and you just buy the mower straight away and later find out that the mower has been seized then you just waste your money and the mower can go straight in the bin.

2. Make sure that the engine still have good COMPRESSION PRESSURE

Usually, this only applies on lawn mowers that have a recoil started engine’s like Honda GX models, Briggs & Stratton and Robin engines.

Compression Pressure is the pressure that you will feel when you pull the recoil rope, if you almost fell no pressure then there must be a problem in the piston rings of the engine, the piston ring is the one responsible of sealing the combustion chamber, the pressure is leaking that why you felt nothing.

3. Check the entire PHYSICAL CONDITION

If you buying a second-hand lawnmower please consider the physical appearance, even though the mower still runs well you should also check the body or frame of the machine making sure that it’s not completely rusted, check if the blades are still in reasonable condition.

Check the throttle cable and the wheels as long as everything is intact and still in reasonable condition then it should be fine.

4. When your buying a second-hand electric lawn mower your not really gonna be 100% sure of the overall condition of the mower, even though it still looks good sometimes the problem of these electric lawn mowers is the battery.

After a long time of use the battery of these mowers losses efficiency that a fully charged battery only last a few minutes, if your really looking to buy a second-hand electric lawn mower just make sure that it comes with a good working charger and if it has a spare battery is much better.

When buying a second-hand mower or any second-hand products always ask the seller why are they selling it if it’s a private seller because it can help you negotiate a price and make a good offer?

When you buy on a second-hand shop expect it to have no warranty so after paying for what you are buying everything else is your responsibility to be very wise in buying a second-hand lawnmower and always try to bargain, make a reasonable offer,

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