the Best Cricket Pitch Roller in Australia

The best cricket pitch roller is the WR660/690 made by Mow Master Turf Equipment.

Every cricket pitches need to be compacted and maintain that’s why every council contractors always used a dependable high-quality Cricket pitch roller.

The WR660 Cricket pitch roller has a 900mmx900mm rear roller and a 25mm thickness with a weight of 1.3 tons up to 2.1 when ballasted.

Mow Master WR660 Cricket Pitch Roller

This roller uses a 25 horsepower twin-v Honda petrol engine which powers it’s uniquely designed hydraulic system.

The front roller are on a split design twin roller which makes it very smooth to maneuver, plus it’s independent hydraulic steering system makes it more effortless to steer.

The Mow Master WR660 Cricket pitch roller is design and manufactured in Perth Western Australia by Mow Master Turf Equipment.

In 2017 Mow master start manufacturing this cricket pitch roller on a huge volume because of it’s increasing popularity all over Australia.

The Mow Master brand is starting to dominate all other brands when it comes to cricket pitch roller and even in lawn mowers.

In almost every Stadium and sports amenities all over Austalia, you can now find a Mow Master Cricket Pitch roller.

Why Mow Master is Getting Popular

The main reason why Mow Master Lawn Mowers and Equipment is starting to dominate the lawn mowing industry when it comes to lawn mowers because they don’t just sell high-quality machines but they also create a solution.

The way Mow master did is they listen and understand to there customers and giving them the solution that they were looking that is why the Mow master brand spread out very fast in almost every state around Australia.

As of 2018 Mow Master is already receiving orders from other counries which means in the next coming months or year a large number of Mow Master machines will be expected to be exported.

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