Signs that you have a Carburetor Problem in your lawnmower

For a lawn mower owner having a Carburetor problem on your mower is really a pain in the ass so I’ll give you a break down of all the signs that you have a Carburetor problem in your lawn mower

  • Difficult Starting
  • Engine completely won’t start
  • Engine Start but quickly stop
  • Engine speed won’t increase
  • Unstable engine speed
  • Poor performance at high speed
  • Petrol in the oil
  • Fuel leak or overflowing petrol

Are some of the signs that you might have a serious carburetor problem. If you have a serious carburetor problem the engine of your lawn mower will definitely not going start. But first you need to check some basic things to be 100% sure that the problem is really the carby, the things that you need to check first are the following.

  • Check if you have petrol in the tank
  • Check if you have spark
  • Check if you have enough oil level. If you have good petrol in the tank, had a good spark and enough oil level and you notice these signs then you definitely have a carburetor problem it might be not that bad yet but it will eventually get worst if you don’t give attention to it.

Why Some Petrol Stinks

If a lawnmower was left unused for more than two months the petrol will start to smell different you will notice a stinking smell this is because the petrol is starting to react to the metal part of the tank and it starts to lose its chemical property and it will be hard for the engine to start.

That’s why it’s very important that if you store your lawn mower for a long time you must drain the entire tank and give the mower a run until the remaining petrol in the carby is consume.

Why is it Important to check for spark when servicing a Lawnmower

This procedure is very important because checking the spark plug for spark will also tell us if there is a problem in the ignition system, which includes the wires and switch. Also, the oil level plays an important part in having a spark in some small engines especially the Honda brand.

Some engines have an oil pressure sensor which will not allow the engine to start if you have a low oil level or if your engine is running and the oil level gets low it will immediately stop. The oil pressure sensor acts as a switch that turns on using the pressure of the oil when you pull the recoil starter or crank the engine it produces pressure in the oil which turns ON the pressure switch.

Is it necessary to replace Carburetor Kit every time its been service

No, It does not necessarily need new kit every time the carby is been service a good clean should be fine especially if you wanna fix the problem straight away.

If on your first carby service it is still not running 100% you can try to clean it again up to 3 times and during the second and third attempt clean it a little bit harder use pressurize air to completely remove any blockage on the jets and make it clean thoroughly. After doing a few cleaning and still, the engine won’t run properly this is the time to put new Carburetor kit. After putting a new kit and the problem still, exist then our last option is to put a new carburetor.

It might sound that was wasting money on the gasket but for me, that is the exact step that everyone should follow, because if the problem has been fixed by the carburetor kit then you will save money for not buying an entire carburetor.

But then again its just a matter of common sense if you know that your lawn mower has not been running for a long time and the model looks outdated and you want to make it run again don’t even think of servicing the carburetor if it won’t run, it’s much wiser to just buy a new carburetor.

Why the Carburetor Bowl always leaking even after replacing the Seal

If you wonder why your Carburetor bowl is still leaking after replacing the gasket and you’re sure that the bolt that holds it is really tight but the leaking won’t stop. Well the reason is if you tight the carburetor bowl to much it will bend inwards the area where the bolt seat and if these happen you will get the bolt really tight and you think that its all good but what really happens is you lose the pressure that presses the o ring and seals the bowl because the bowl was bend and its tightening bolt too early and leaving the entire bowl still loose.

How much a Carburetor Kit and Carburetor Assembly cost For Honda Carburetors

A carburetor kit usually costs around $7 to $10 depending on which store you’re buying it. While a Carburetor assembly will cost you around $40 to $60 these prices also changes depending on what model do you need and also on which store you choose to buy. For Briggs& Stratton Carburetor The price of the kit is around $10 and the Carburetor assembly range from $30 to $50.If you’re on a tight budget there are also aftermarket replacements out there which is much cheaper or you can find second hand online.

How to Clean a Carburetor Without Removing

If your thinking of cleaning the Carburetor of your cylinder mower without removing it to the engine, well that’s fine you can do that.

If it’s just a minor problem cleaning it the way you want should be just fine but still, I can’t guarantee it, on my experience It only works in a few cases.

Usually, if you have an Idle problem, removing the idle jet and cleaning it can be done easily without removing the carburetor and it should fix your problem.

But if you want to a complete clean well you can still do that only it will be a little bit pain in the ass because you cannot get a good visual on the inside of the carby.

The Steps are the Following

If you’re having an unstable idle performance you can pull out the idle jet and clean it.

First, you need to turn the fuel cock or tap OFF so that the gasoline will stop from flowing and then remove the idle adjusting screw, the idle adjusting screw also acts as a stopper of the idle jet so it won’t pop out while running.

You can use a long nose pliers to pull out the idle screw.

Clean the idle jet using a carb cleaner, a piece of wire about 0.3 mm to clean the tiny hole in the idle jet and use pressurized air to blow off the dirt.

Next is remove the carburetor bowl and gently remove the float and needle.

Next, remove the main jet and the plunger and using a thin wire about 0.5 mm to clean those tiny holes, and then using the air to blow any dirt that can clog the tiny holes.

Its also a good idea to have a check on the fuel tank to make sure that you don’t have water, sludge or dirt in the tank before turning ON the fuel tap.

What chemicals can be use to clean a Carburetor

Unfortunately, you cannot just use any cleaning agents or chemicals on your carburetor.

Any oil-based lubricants are not gonna work on your carburetor even a kerosine is not advisable to clean a carburetor because it leaves a thin film that could contaminate the gasoline.

The only best cleaning agent that you can use is either the gasoline itself or a carburetor cleaner, but I highly recommend to have a carby cleaner because with this it can thoroughly clean and remove all the dirt and stains inside the carburetor.

What tools is needed to clean the Carburetor Jet’s

In most carburetors, there are two different types of Fuel supply jets inside them the Idle Jet and the main supply jet.

Cleaning these jets is very easy but these jets need specific tools to clean and remove any clogged and dirt in them.

For the main jet, you will need a 0.5 wire and on the pilot jet or idle jet, you will need a 0.3 wire.

You can find these specific tools on Amazon and eBay just search for carburetor cleaning tools and there give you what your looking.

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