Removing a lawnmower spark arrestor

Even though it will not cause any damage to the engine we still don’t recommend removing it. Spark arrestors are installed in compliance with a countries emission regulation. This covers Gas and Noise emession.

Some countries are strict when it comes to Spark arrestor regulation especially countries that regularly experience bush fires.

What can happen if I remove the Spark arrestor of my Lawnmower

Without a Spark, arrestor installed your lawn mower will run very loud which is not good for everyone especially your neighbour.

Lawnmower Spark Arrestor

A Lawnmower without a Spark arrestor has a potential to create a fire, Spark or a chunk of carbon with flame in it can be thrown out of the exhaust manifold straight to dry leaves and cause a fire.

Does Spark arrestor get Blocked

As you use your lawnmower it emits exhaust gas which contains soot that sticks on your spark arrestor and piles up over time causing your exhaust system to get blocked.

Once you have a blocked exhaust you will notice that your lawnmower is losing power and it will be hard to star or sometimes it will not start at all.

How to Clean a Spark Arrestor

Cleaning a Lawnmower Spark Arrestor is an easy task you just have to remove it from the Muffler. A muffler is the end part of the exhaust where gasses is going out.

A spark arrestor is a screen-type metal mesh which soot and carbon build-up. to clean it you will need a wire brush, slowly rub it with the wire brush until all the carbon has removed, you can also use liquid-like CRC penetrant or Brake cleaner,

Another quick technique in cleaning a Lawnmower Spark Arrestor is to use a cigarette lighter and burn the soot out.

what you wanna do is garb a long nose plier and use it to hold the spark arrestor then spray some CRC, WD40 or any penetrant to the Spark arrestor mesh then light it with the lighter, it will create a flame and burn the carbon in the wire mesh.

Repeat this process about 3 to 4 times and you will notice that the carbon deposits just disappeared.

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