Mowmaster is dominating the Cylinder mower industry in Australia

Quality is probably the main reason why MowMaster turf Equipment is Dominating the Cylinder mower industry in Australia.

With the death of some of their competitions, there is no wonder why Mow master is becoming the choice of most Australians when buying a cylinder or reel mowers.

Mow master Residential lawn mowers spike in demand in the last quarter of 2019 selling more than 30 units in just 2 months, Lawn lover Homeowners probably noticed the quality of Mow master lawnmowers, while in the contractor’s point of view this is not new since Mow Master is already the choice of lawn contractors when buying cylinder mowers.

Although Mow master cylinder mowers are more expensive than rotary mowers and it’s china made counterfeit the quality and toughest of their products is the one that made a huge difference.


Mow master only used Genuine Honda petrol engine which is specially designed to meet Australian standards.

Mow master uses a belt clutch system and chain system combination on all their lawnmowers except for the below 2000 models. This system makes the Lawnmower operates quietly.

Mow master lawnmowers also have a fixed reel or cylinder design which means more precise rotation and much easy blade adjustment because the adjuster is located in the bottom blade arm. Both blades can also be easily pulled out for sharpening.

Backlapping option is also available on their 24″ to 36″ cylinder mowers, in which a backslapping machine is also available for purchase and can easily be attached on the side.

Mow Master lawn mowers are specially designed, well-engineered machines build to not just meet but to surpass customer’s expectations.

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