How to Service your LawnMower

Most of us own a Lawn Mower and time to time the lawnmower needs to be served so we bring it the shop but of course some of us want to save some money so we try to service the mower on our own.

In this article, I’ll give you some tips on how to service your Lawnmower on your own to save some money.

The first thing that you need to do is to give the mower a run, warm the oil a little bit so it will be easy and quick to drain especially if you have a rotary mower that doesn’t have a drain plug and you’re using an oil sucker.

After a few minutes turn OFF the engine and loosen the drain plug, tilt the mower so that the oil can flow straight to the oil catching pan, it’s best to open the filler plug when draining to make the draining quicker.

Then if there’s no more oil dripping you can put the drain plug back in place and tighten it firmly, don’t over tighten the drain plug, the drain plug has an aluminum washer to seal if the washer is starting to come out when tightened then you must replace the washer that’s why we recommend here to just tight the drain plug firmly and check later if it leaks or not, if not then its all good it leaks tighten it a little more.

Next is fill the engine with fresh oil, a 1-liter oil for a petrol engine from the shop should be more than enough, check on the dip stick to get the right level.

Next is remove the Spark plug and put a new one. If the recoil rope shows sign of splitting and starting to break it’s best to put a new one, the quickest way to replace a recoil rope is to remove the recoil starter, undo 3 bolts for Honda motor and 4 bolts for Robin engines to remove the recoil starter then pull the rope all the way to get the exact length of new rope that you need.

Once you have the new rope in hand once again pull the rope all the way out and then hold the rotating part of the recoil starter to stop it from spinning back and from that position cut the very end of the rope from the inside of the starter and insert the new one, don’t forget to make a knot on the other end of the rope so when you let go of the rotating part and pulls the rope all the way in the end piece of the rope is still sticking out where you will put the handle.

Next is to check the Air filter condition, air filters can be reused as long as its not blocking the suction of air, to check this clean the air filter first, if you have a compress air blow the filter to remove dust and dirt, if you don’t have a compressed air just tap the filter on a hard surface a few times and you will see that find dust and dirt starting to fall, put the filter back in the engine and give the mower a run, put on high RPM and try to remove the air filter and again put it back just by pressing it by hand if you notice that the engine is losing power when you press the filter in place well that means the filter is not good enough and needs to be replaced.

Other parts to be check

Once your done servicing the engine there is still some other part of the lawn Mower that needs to be check.

Check the drive belts condition if visible cracks are present I highly recommend to replace the belts, If changing the belts is a big job this time you will need to consider bringing the lawn mower to the shop, but in case you don’t have the budget for that yet you can still use the mower if the crack is not that bad and its still reasonable to use.

Next is check the chain if your mower is chain driven, if its to lose you must do an adjustment on that, these chins can be adjusted using the roller adjuster, just loosen the bolt that hold the roller adjuster and give it a tap on the direction where the chain gets tight, after adjusting the chain give it a spray of chain lube lubricant.

Next is check the cutting blades, if the blades if really bad once again you must consider changing the blades if you have a rotary mower or you can get it sharp if you have a reel-type mower.

A reel-type mower consists of two blades the cylinder or reel and the bottom blade or blade knife, these type of blades can be adjusted until the edges are completely worn, as long as the edges are sharp you can do an adjustment on this type of mower.

Lastly don’t forget to grease the bearing, using a grease gun pump about twice on every grease fitting’s that you will find in the mower. All is set and you can now start the mower and see how it run, by the way, don’t forget to spray some lubricant or CRC on the blades of a reel-type mower before engaging the blades, friction from two blades can build heat which is bad to the knife blade, when your mowing the grass itself is the one giving lubrication to the blades.

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