How to protect your lawnmower from rusting

Rusting is a form of Metal corrosion that weakens metals to which your lawnmower is prone.

Here are some obvious tips that are mostly forgotten about how you can protect your lawnmower from rusting.

  • Wash your Lawnmower properly after using and make sure to wipe it dry.
  • Regular maintenance will keep your lawnmower clean which in turn prevents it from rusting.
  • Apply protective spray to exposed metal parts, For example, Blades if possible. WD40 and CRC are the most common option.
  • Don’t leave your Lawnmower outside the house or storage, Especially don’t leave your lawnmower in the rain.
  • If the paint peels off, Clean it, protect it and repaint if possible.
MEY Single clutch Cylinder Mower

It seems that we all know what rust is, But somehow we ignore it until it’s too late. I have a crash course on Metallurgy during my High School and let me share with you some good stuff that I learned about Metals

A brand new Lawnmower is actually coated with a rust inhibitor, primer and paint to prevent it from rusting before it gets out of the Manufacturing plant. But, Overtime as you use the lawnmower it slowly gets scratch and the paint is starting to peel off and it is where the rusting process started.

We all know that most Lawn Mowers are made of steel, and the main ingredients of steel are Iron, And when the iron is exposed to the air it reacts to the Oxygen which forms iron oxide. or orange rust, The worst kind of rust.

Another thing to keep in mind is if you live close to Coastal areas, Chances are not just your lawnmower but also your car and other steel made structure around you will suffer from rust if left unprotected.

Humidity also plays a big part in the rusting process of metals, The higher the atmospheric humidity the faster iron will rust if left unprotected.

Also, If your trying to fix or rebuild a lawnmower part, avoid joining or welding two different types of metals, As this will weaken the other metal and will corrode faster. This is proven if you’re joining a Brass to Steel.

Household stuff that can be use to remove Rust

If you already have a rust problem and you need something to get rid of them, But you don’t want to spend money. I found an interesting article from the wd40 website. It’s about homemade rust removers that we can use.

On that article they highlight on how you we can use Vinegar, Lemon, Dishwashing soap and even Potato to remove rust, Go check it out.

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