High-Quality Cylinder Mower Brands

  1. Swardman

Swardman is a company based in Central Europe in the Czech Republic this company is still young in the lawn mower manufacturing business, it started in 2013 by Thomas Sena.

Swardman Cylinder Mower

Despite being young in this industry Swardman has proven to be one of the best producers of high-quality cylinder mowers.

Swardman cylinder mowers currently manufacture two types of cylinder mowers the petrol driven and the battery operated cylinder mower.

Their cylinder mowers have a removable cartridge which can be interchanged with a Scarifier, Verticutter, or a brush head.

Swardman uses a Kawasaki petrol engine and two independent motors 200W motor for the drive function and 500W motor for the cutting function.

Swardman’s design in their cylinder mowers is very user-friendly having a foldable handlebar and adjustable handle. It also has a lever for easy height adjustment.

2. Mow Master turf equipment

So far Mow Master Turf equipment is one of the biggest or maybe the biggest manufacturer of walk behind cylinder type lawn mowers today.

Formerly known as Dwyer and Felton Mow master is a brand specialized in making high-quality push behind cylinder mowers since the 1940s.

Mow master has a wide range of selection of cylinder mowers from residential to commercial application no wonder that mow master is the best brand that lawn contractors choice when it comes to cylinder mowers.

Because of the shut down of their two competitors, the alroh and MEY mow master dominates the market in Australia when it comes to high quality commercial and residential cylinder mowers.

Their Products

Mow master cylinder mowers range from 18″ residential up to 36″ commercial cylinder mower which is the biggest push behind cylinder mower that you can find in the market.

Other than cylinder mowers Mow Master also manufactures lawn edgers, Scarifiers, Vertimowers, Cricket pitch roller Brush Mower.

Mow master also manufactures Reel’s or cylinders and Knife blades. And the company is also a HONDA Authorize dealer so they also sell Honda rotary mowers, grass cutters, blowers, and even small engines.

Why Mow Master

So far today when it comes to quality and design there is still nothing out there that can compete mow master and here are some of the reasons why.

Mow master uses a high quality black steel material that makes their machine’s so tough.

Mow master cylinder mowers are very clean to maintain because it is belt clutch and belt driven.

Mow master uses Honda engines in their cylinder mowers and other machines, and these engines are specially designed for Australia which makes it high quality.

3. Masport

Masport is a company based in U.S.A. and Australia, Masport manufactures different types of lawn mowers, although I only get my hand on one type of their mower the cylinder type which is our main topic here I can say that this company is doing well in making cylinder mowers.

Masport cylinder mowers are powered by Briggs&Stratton 4 stroke engine.

Few times a year some loyal costumers bring in their Masport mowers for a complete service and sharpen and according to them, they are happy with the performance of this brand.

The good thing about Masport is that their Products are inexpensive that’s why is one of the first choices for homeowners.

I’ve done a few research online and I find out that Massport also manufactures ride on mowers, rotaries, hand mowers, electric and a lot more even oven’s and barbecues.

Overall if your a homeowner and you’re on a tight budget this brand is definitely what you’re looking.


MEY lawn mowers are famous with their yellow collored cylinder mowers.

MEY has a single clutch or double clutch power distribution system, The single clutch has a single shaft being connected and disconnected by a drum type tapered clutch that transfer power to the chains which drive the back roller and the cylinder.

M.E.Y. 24″ Cylinder Mower

The other thing about MEY is that when you want to adjust the cutting blades the adjustment is being done through the cylinders. The adjuster is connected to the cylinder and lifts it up or bring it down when your adjusting, unlike all other brands the adjustment is done through the knife blade.

Just like Alroh, this company is already closed but there are still a huge number of this brand of lawn mower out there.

Where to Find Spare Parts of MEY Cylinder Mowers

Sadly you cannot buy spare parts of these brand of lawn mower today because the company is already closed but there are other companies out there can are willing to make a spare part especially those who have an identical product, but of course it will be a custom job so you must first ask for the price. I think Mow Master are some of those companies that you can ring and ask for this matter.

The Mow Master Brand use to build a Drum Type Clutch system identical to the MEY original design, But there is also a local machine shop in your area that you can ask to fabricate parts for you.

The chains and bearing could be bought in your areas bearing supplier, this company can give you what your looking just give them a few information or just bring the old parts and show to them.


Mascot is a company specializing in making Hand push Reel mowers or cylinder mowers, They also supply gang unit reels for tractors as a pull behind attachment.

This brand is base in Northern California.

I’ve made a research online and I found out that Mascot cylinder mowers are being distributed only by Reel Mowers,Etc.com only.

You can find these reel mowers on eBay and Amazon but pretty sure it’s been resale so the price will be a little bit higher unless its a second hand, so I suggest if your looking for a brand new push or gang mower you head to the ReelMower,Etc.com.

Well of course because its in expensive , so if your some one who only has a small garden or lawn to maintain this one is probably the best for you specially if your from California.

Why Mascot

Mascot is eco frienly because it works just by pushing the machine to start cutting the grass.

It can also burn calories because it needs your effort to cut the lawn. so instead of walking in the treadmill why don’t you just cut the lawn this way you’re doing two tasks at the same time.


Scott Bonnar is one of the first player when it comes to manufacturing cylinder mowers in australia, The company started manufacturing cylinder mowers in the late 1940’s in Adelaide South Australia and based on my reasearch and on the people that I’ve talk this company is a family business.

The company manufactures 14″, 17″,  18″, and 20 inch cylinder mowers during their those years. Sadly only a few number of their machines is still working today.

In the past years i still got some of this machines come into the shop, home owners always complain about how hard this machine to start and even the spare parts is hard to find because the company is already not exist.

Early models of Scoot Bonnar that was still alive today are being powered bya 3HP Briggs&Stratton engine which is one of the early models of Briggs, this engine has a Pulsa-Jet carburator which is very hard to start if the choke is not functioning properly.

In the late 1980’s the company was take over by Rover Ltd.

And since then you will notice that the Scott Bonnar mowers have the logo of Rover in it, and I’ve notice that after the Rover takes over they starting to change the engine that drives the machine, they start to use Honda engine on their new models, but I think the Briggs powered mowers will still be there so that people will have an option for a reason that the Briggs&Startton engine is less expensive than Honda.


Alroh is another company that builds high-quality cylinder mowers, this company is also from Australia.

Alroh’s uses a double clutch system on their lawn mower, Their cylinder mowers have a one, two or three pieces back roller design,

Alroh Cylinder Mowers

Alroh differs from other cylinder mowers out there because of its high cutting range of 5mm to 30mm.

Alroh cylinder mowers are also powered by Honda engine. Its belt clutching and a chain engagement system which makes it a little bit noisy and when it comes to servicing your pretty sure be dirty because of the grease lubrication of the chain.

The bad news about Alroh is that the company is already closed, because of the business competition they didn’t manage to survive,

But still some of their cylinder mowers are still available in other lawn mower distributor.

Alroh cylinder mowers still circulate from owner to owner because it’s still been sold and trade.

Unfortunately, spare parts will not be available in the market but other lawn mower manufacturers accept repair of this brand and can provide you with some minor customization and fabricate some parts.


Allett is a British cylinder mower brand that has a wide selection of residential and commercial cylinder mowers.

This brand started in the late 1970s which prove them to be well experienced in creating this type of machine. Today Allett is one of the biggest suppliers of professional cylinder mowers in sports amenities, parks and home’s around the U.K.

Allett Cylinder Mower

Allett cylinder mowers work on the same principle the other brand used, they also provide high-quality precision cut like others, what’s good about Allett is that you have a lot of choices, they have a lot of cylinder mower models that you can choose from petrol powered to electric powered.

Allett is also a fan of Honda engine that all of their petrol powered cylinder mowers is equipped with Honda GX Engines.


Atco is another British brand of cylinder mower and the oldest cylinder mower manufacturer that I’ve known which started in 1921.

Atco manufactures high quality cylinder mowers, rotary mowers and even ride on mowers.

Atco cylinder mowers are widely spread  around Great Britain and all over the U.K. with them having 90 years of experience it’s pretty sure that this brand was already spread out there,

Atco’s series of Clipper cylinder mowers is one of their most proud product.

I can say that their Clipper model can match any brand out there for having the ability to give a unique professional lawn cut. Being powered by a 4 stroke Briggs & Stratton engine and has a  metal frame and split rear roller makes it a high-quality cylinder mower in the market.

Atco uses Briggs & Stratton, Honda and Kawasaki petrol engine on their machines.

10. Infinicut

A cylinder mower brand based in Sheffield England, Infinicut manufactures Electric Cylinder mowers. All Infinicut Cylinder mowers are powered by a 48V Lithium Battery. Infinicut cylinder mowers are available in 22″, 26″, 30″, 34″ size.

Infinicut has a Cassette type interchangeable blade design to easily swap blade from Reel or Cylinder to Brush, Verti-mower blade, or Shredder blade.

Infinicut Cylinder mowers are also available if 7, 11 and 14 blade design and based on my research some of there Cylinder mowers can also have an Engine option.

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