Does a lawn mowing business needs a website

Every business needs a website even a Lawn mowing business, even if you already have customers and you’re doing very well you still need to get your business online to get ahead with your competitors.

this article might seem different from what we really publish here but hopefully, you learn something that can help your business go to the next level.

If you have a business but you don’t have a Website you are only stuck on what you currently have, You probably have a few customers and will definitely stay like that if you don’t do extra effort to get more customers.

Having a website for your Lawn Mowing business will help be ahead of your competitors and stand out.

Like any other business that has a brand, You also want your brand to be known, your business is your brand and you want it to be seen and recognize, in the long run your website will tell what your business is and who you are.

Your website can help you bring customers by being available to the public 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

What can a Website do for my Business

Your website represents your entire business, It will make your services available to the public whenever they need it.

If a person in your area searches on the internet for a Lawn Mowing service near them you want your business to be available and be one of there choice, When people landed on your website they can look at your pricing, customer testimonials and can set an appointment.

Giving your business an online presence will be an advantage for you, you can show testimonials so people can see how you work, In that way you are building trust which can lead to more customers.

Is it hard to make a Website

Making a website nowadays is quite simple, unlike before that to be able to make a website you will need to know how to code or probably need to hire a web developer which is also an option for you but it will cost you more.

Today, if you want to build a website for you’re business and you don’t know how to do it you just need to search the internet, Use platforms like Youtube and Google to learn the basics of making a website, It’s just a Drag and Drop process and anyone can do it, you just need to follow the steps.

What it needs to build a website

To build a website for your business you will to spend a couple of dollars, Of course it’s not FREE especially if you want it to look really professional but still save a few pennies.

You will need the following

  • The Name of your Business, You need to decide what your business name is because people will not just know your personal name but also your business name, You Business name is what defines your business, so pick the right one.
  • Get a Domain name, If you decide what your business name then it’s time to search if the Domain name that matches your business name is available

If the Domain name of your choice is available then go ahead and register it, If not, it ‘s probably already own by someone else and you will need to pay more just to get the name, and sometimes it comes with a premium price, and you don’t want that if your just starting out and on a tight budget,

What you can do is to find alternative names which are not far from your first choice or if you want to stick with your first choice then your option is to use other extensions like (.)co or (.)net instead of the (.)com.

If your ready to buy that Domain name we highly suggest buying it on so you can get the best deals at the most affordable price.

  • Next is get a Hosting, A hosting is where your website’s data will be stored, can also provide you the hosting you need for your website.
  • Next is to learn the basics of WordPress, WordPress will be the backend of your website, This is where you will create your entire website, from selecting the right Theme, editing, customizing and Publishing to be seen online.

To learn and be good at WordPress you just need to watch tutorial videos in Youtube and join online forums of WordPress users, Slowly in no time you’ll just notice that you already know the in and out’s of making a Website

If you’re looking for a guide on How to start a lawn mowing business and be your own boss we highly recommend reading the book written by Mark Koger titled Lawn Business which is available in Amazon.

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