Craftsman M105 140cc Rotary mower

The M105 is a Push behind Rotary mower made by Craftsman in the US, This Lawnmower is powered by a 1400cc Overhead Valve Petrol engine, It has a 21″ cutting deck and a 1 piece cutting blade design for trimming and mulching.

The Lawnmower has a 6 position height adjustment with foldable handlebars, It can be a side discharge or rear discharge depending on what you want, it also comes with a catcher bag that can only be fitted from the back.

Craftsman M105

This Lawnmower engine has no oil and petrol when purchasing it, but it comes with a bottle of oil that needs to be filled up before starting. The Lawnmower is available in and receives mixed reviews from consumers.

When the lawnmower arrives at your home it is just a filled the oil and petrol and should be ready to start you just need to unfold the handlebars which are being held by two wing nuts.

When you purchase this Lawnmower online should and will always arrive in good condition, if you open the box and find that something is wrong or broken Please don’t use it and try contacting Craftsman support, usually the handling of the delivery is what makes a purchase different.

Some people love this Lawnmower and some are not, just like any product out there, but I guess what matters the most is how you used and take care of this machine to make it last and worth it.

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