Best Place to Sharpen a cylinder Mower in Australia

A perfectly Sharp and set Cylinder mower blades are what we always want in our cylinder mowers, so if that Backlapping is already not working you will need to bring your lawnmower to a Service shop for sharpening, but you don’t wanna just bring it to someone who only knows how to sharpen but don’t know the proper way to sharpen a cylinder lawnmower blade.

So far the best place or shop to bring your cylinder mower or blades for sharpening is Mow master turf equipment in Perth Western Australia, Mow master is formerly now as Dwyer and Felton a Family business which focuses on manufacturing cylinder type lawnmower both for commercial and residential application.

Mow Master Cylinder Mower

Mow master is building machines specially designed for sport and recreation amenities all over Australia, Mow master is also an Authorize Honda power equipment dealer.

Mow master provides services based on customers requirements and making sure they are happy and satisfied, The Sharpening and setting job’s Mow master provider is the highest quality you can find out there, Their Mechanics and Technicians are highly skilled and will give you the job you want.

How MowMaster Sharpen Cylinder Mower Blades

The secret why Mow Master is the best when it comes to grinding cylinder mower blades is that they got a team of well-trained Experience Technicians and Mechanics that do the service and sharpening of every Lawn Mowers whatever the Brand is.

Mow Master uses Surface and Vertical grinding machine to grind the bottom blade and the cylinder, The Cylinder and bottom blade are visually inspected making sure that there are no cracks and that the blades can still be grind or needs a new one. The bearings and Bolts are also inspected to make sure that they` are still in good working condition. With the necessary knowledge, skills and experience Mow master always gives you a professional grinding job to make you happy.

Cylinder Grinding or Backlapping

Backlapping of the blades of a cylinder mower is still effective and a lot of people still do Backlapping job, The only downside of Backlapping is that the sharpness that it creates doesn’t last long compared to the actual grinding of the Blades.

Cylinder Grinding

Backlapping only temporarily sharpens the blades so that you can still use the lawnmower if you want too, Another downside of Backlapping is that it will not work well if you have a badly worn bottom blade.

On a Backlapped cylinder mower it can finish 2 to 3 jobs after that it will start to not cut good and you will need to do back lapping again compare to a grinded blades that can last for more than a month that’s why so many lawn mowing contractors prefer the grinding method than the backslapping method.

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