About Me

Hi, my name is Daniel and I’m a mechanic. For 10 years I’ve been a Heavy diesel mechanic in my country and from 2016 to 2020 I’ve been a lawnmower mechanic in Australia. Now I jump back to being a Heavy diesel mechanic.

On this website, I share all the knowledge that I acquired in my 4 years working as a Lawnmower mechanic. For 4 years I mostly worked on Cylinder type Lawnmowers and some other type of turf equipment.

I worked at Mowmaster turf equipment in Welshpool Western Australia. Mowmaster is a Cylinder mower manufacturer and a dealer, They also manufacture Cricket pitch rollers and a few other types of equipment.

I know that knowledge might fade over time so I decided to create this website where I can put knowledge and everything I learned as a Lawnmower mechanic.

If you have questions you can reach me out at [email protected]